Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joshua Treble - Cold Filthy Techniques To Keep You Close

Rewinding. This is my first full length non cd-r release from
2001 with additional production and mastering by Accelera Deck.

1 Rewind
2 All We Ever Flaunted
3 Confess This Mess
4 Mammal Resource
5 Concourse A
6 Darling Fortress
7 Sentiment Is Piss
8 Falling
9 Function
10 Batch 5754
11 No1besidesmyself
12 Coldfilthyblue
13 Pale Fiction
14 Notimetoread


"The finest release on the label to date, Pitchcadet return in
a blaze of originality with this fantastic full length from
Joshua Treble. The scene is set perfectly with the opening
‘Rewind’ - 60 seconds in comforting slivers of reverbed accoustic
guitar that form like a ghostly apparition, before ‘All we ever
flaunted’ slips in – a full bodied display of treated guitars and
backward edits, once again bringing to mind the revered Fennesz
circa ‘Plays’. ‘Confess This Mess’ finds us in more familiar
Pitchcadet territory – crushing broken beats and a waterfall of
warmth, the accoustic interjecting to sound like a more ethereal
Casino Versus Japan. The rest of the album is judged to perfection
– an interplay between developed electronic fractures and delicate
accoustic flows, doing so with remarkable aptitude : one minute
crystalising into the metalic decimated hip hop of ‘Batchi 5754’,
the next releasing catharsis lows with the warm accoustic washes of
‘Sentiment is Piss’. Highly recommended indeed." (Boomkat)

"Joshua Treble is one Tony Boggs, Cincinnati's most promising
electronic music composer in the IDM and electronica genres.
With the 2 excellent e.p. releases 'Parasol' and most recently
'Opposites Contract' on the online label, Joshua Treble
now releases his first full-length album on the celebrated
Pitchcadet label, home to such innovative electronic acts as
M-tec, Jetone (Tim Hecker), Jake Mandell, Accelera Deck,
Datathief, and Bauri. The new album 'Cold Filthy Techniques to
Keep You Close' will introduce his fans and potential audiences
to Tony's uncanny ability to compose well-planned and carefully
executed musical compositions. Building on a solid foundation of
calculating beats, multiple layers of effects and tones, as well
as lovely hidden melodies and sharp percussion, this new album
will most certainly place Joshua Treble in the minds of
intelligent dance music purveyors around the globe. Comparable
perhaps to Scott Herren projects like Savath+Savalas and
Delarosa+Asora, and perhaps even Accelera Deck, Joshua Treble
takes his sound a few steps further by developing strong
atmospheres, addictive beats, and layer upon layer of lovely
melodies paired with surgically placed moments of glitch. This
is a wonderful headphone album, mesmerizing and addictive, with
so many intriguing sounds, moods, and patterns presented throughout
this release, the listener may prefer this environment so as not to
miss anything. Like an audio architect, Boggs develops each song
with careful precision and masterful control, opening a door to an
auditory kaleidoscope of sounds, but still leaving ample room for l
istener accessibility. Clever, inventive, and virtually indescribable,
'Cold Filthy Techniques to Keep You Close' is a profound and
imaginative exploration into the many wondrous caverns of electronic
music." (Synctank/

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yard Sale and Just Yards

I have a yard now.

I went to a yard sale today. D+ bought me a pharaoh bust, a
Campagnolo pin, and Porno For Pyros' first cd. Which I have
had since high school but it's scratched so I couldn't listen
to Cursed Female, Black Girlfriend, or Orgasm... and that's
just no good.

Maybe I should post an Ike Yard video... but I like this one more.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too Many Cats In The Casket

...watched The Torture Garden last niGht. No relation to the amazing
book... but it had Burgess Meredith and Peter Cushing in it.

Movies.. yes, books... no. My sister-in-law (?) got me the Throbbing
Gristle book for xmas which I was quite into until I had to pack
everything up and make like a banana. (T.G. are playing in Chicago at
the end of this month)

I wish I could read Drawing Blood or Lost Souls for the first time
again. Dennis Cooper's Closer was closer but I still couldn't find
a vein.

Soon I will be posting my own music here. As for now, here's another mix.

So... I will apologize now for the broken glass in the mausoleum
and if I am a bit saltier than you remember. For Poppy Z Brite,
Joe Meek stalking the cemeteries for talking cats, the Lower 9th,
and organic embalming fluid. Cheers.

Charlie Parker - Laura
Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted
Jandek - Your Other Man (Secret Frequency Crew Mix)
The Third Eye Foundation - A Name For My Pain
Coil - Further Back and Faster
Set Fire To Flames - wild dogs of the thunderbolt/'they cannot lock me up i am eternally free'
Salem - Sweat
Cocteau Twins - Seekers Who Are Lovers (Remix by Mark Clifford)
Disco Inferno - Next Year
Wavves - Goth Girls
Hood - The Sea Against the Sand
Blind Willie Johnson - Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

This This and This

Squares, Hosers, Rectangles

What can I say, day sixty-something of northern migration. My ears are
still ringing from seeing Wavves on Tuesday night. Just a pleasant
reminder of how much that kid shreds.

The weird part of the day when the entire continent is going to lunch
but I'm the only one awake in the house. I can't decide if I should
ride my bike or set up this ghetto drum kit that I salvaged from the
moldy basement. No heat= busted pipes.

Here's another mix
for yr pleasure of lack thereof. Starting off with
Gescom's classic broken boombox jam from Alt. Frequencies 3.
I always imagined the video for this song as Rob & Sean slo-mo
head noddin' in the backseat but as I type it out it doesn't
look so good. Kinda like how Seinfeld is a show about nothing.

Meanwhile Art of Noise - Moments In Love and John Frusciante's
Ants are some of the best moments ever recorded. I remember in
high school when I got Niandra Ladies my friends and I were rolling
through this alley in Ashland with swollen third eyes when a midget
swung down from a fire escape right above my Suzuki Swift. I have
witnesses... it wasn't just the blotter. Later that day my friends
took my car to pick up this girl; only it was her *mom* dressed in
her clothes outside waiting for them. A car chase ensued.

Vicariously yours xoxox

Gescom - Leritue (Gibber Mix)
51717 - Give Me Your Love
These Are Powers - Blue Healer
Wyld Wyzrds - Slope
The Chills - Pink Frost
Psychic Ills - Red Split
Ariel Pink - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
John Frusciante - Ants
The Famous Boyfriend - The Last Drink Makes Me
J. Spaceman - Paris Beach
Kate Bush - Cloudbursting
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up