Thursday, November 26, 2009


All the download links to mixtapes have been reloaded,
there's a link to the right. I'm going to upload a
Joshua Treble cassette that will never apparently get
released.. it must not survive 2000-crime. PS: Shelia
is my favorite thing ever right now. Wyrd Visions played
in a church through a thunder storm on Toronto Island this
summer. RE:minisce.

Basketball - Journey To The End Of The Night
Our Brother The Native - Manes
Zola Jesus - Nativity
Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday
Father - Now I've Changed My Mind (Hood Remix)
Animal Collective - On A Highway
Fever Ray - Here Before
Arthur Russell - A Little Lost
Atlas Sound - Shelia
Wyrd Visions - Bog Lord



tf said...

I hope you'll upload the cassette. Meanwhile, I'm quite confident it's a shame if doesn't receive a proper release. As far as non-released stuff the Owlamute track on myspace is really doing it for me.

joshua treble said...

awesome... check it out