Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Together; we are k.n.i.f.e.d. forever

Square is the new triangle mix by re: ambulancewolf
More like a hexagon tipped rectangle. This is the coldest bed ever.
end of summer, end of mixes for a bit while i record new music
and memories. i only drugged 'end of summer' cuz i didn't want
it to end (the song or the summerbummer... not sho shore) ; _(

pretty ricky - grind with me (screwed&chopped)
bjork - possibly maybe (lfo mix) [duh]
stalker - disconnection (disconnected)
pink priest - wolf cub of witch hunt (slow mix)
royal trux - osiris
disco inferno - d.i. go pop
FUR - lackadaisical (coyote clean up dub)
onehotrix point never - returnal
gayngs - ride
malcolm mclaren - about her
don henley - boys of summer [no duh]

aleister crowley with fernando pessoa. we all win.


Anonymous said...

what happened
i took the no fucking triangle mix down by half an' is sick
what happened

joshua treble said...

it's fine. the internet is haunted

Anonymous said...

my speakers are frankenstein

milk teeth said...

the best :3

joshua treble said...

yr the best. sleep on my floor.

GW said...

thank you for all of your output. wish you were here.