Friday, May 28, 2010

slow yr roll

treme tremble pilsen mix by ambulancewolff

Einstürzende Neubauten - schwarz
Indian Jewelry - excessive moonlight
Burial - archangel (screwed)
LL Cool J - doin' it (drug & drag remix)
Geto Boys - bring it on (screwed)
Cassie - me & u (chopped & screwed)
Seefeel - time to find me (afx slow mix)
Yung Joc - bottle poppin' (screwed)
DJ Screw - my mind went blank [point blank]
The Cure - all cats are grey (slow)
The Third Eye Foundation - lions writing the bible

seems like everyone is losing their cool this week. full moon + full
heat. and a public "heat warning" for 80 degrees is pretty weak.
people are realizinG that u-locks are like baseball bats with keyholes.
home depot parking lots and bike lanes are smeared with blood. avoid
flip flops.


GSB said...

oh come now, he really did deserve it. he was screaming at some girl in a front yard at 3am.

joshua treble said...

no i feel you man. we have bike locks up here too

Anonymous said...

purple button