Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I tested this in my own backyard it's fine with or without fire or fire
escape. Leaves underfoot. Brief but no desperate groping. Photek but
no Burial. More lonesome slide; there's plenty of real estate. and tell
me how much of a bitch is this rapidshare stuff to "you"? just click
"free" and then find a constructive way to waste a minute. Worx.

Broken Deer - white woman
Tarheel Slim and Little Ann - much too late
Zola Jesus - i can't stand
Photek - ni-ten-ichi-ryu (two swords technique)
Bullion - crazy over you
Balam Acab - heavy living things
Grimes - venus in fleurs
Spiritualized - sitting on fire
A Small Good Thing - flamenco 2
oOoOO - no shore
The Radio Dept - a token of gratitude


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