Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ambulance Wolf - mixtape for lee williams

1 Désormais - Cloud Cloud street
2 Joshua Treble - wabash el stop
3 Letters Letters - Tunnel You
4 Joshua Treble - ashland, ironton, huntington
5 Désormais - typewriter
6 Letters Letters - Cling
7 Joshua Treble - moments in coyote
8 Letters Letters - (s)Ex-parthenais
9 Joshua Treble - shells [w/ vitaminsforyou]
0 Désormais - autumn fountain (demo)



joshua treble said...

if u have probz downloadin' or decompressin' this file or any others on this blog -lemme know and i will alternate. otherwise this is pointless.

Chris said...

thanks bro...I hope listen it tonight...

thanks again!! good job...
I like this...see ya..

Killer Luka said...
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joshua treble said...