Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wolf Pact

Suicide rainforest. This tape is amazing, I can't stop listening to it.

High Wolf - Puesto varadero wildlife party

Last night Rusty Santos was supposed to play but I didn't know that
the show had been canceled til I got there. It was now a MJ tribute
dance with 6 people. I cursed the skyline... and Canada Day.

The Present - Shapeshifter

If you read Butt Magazine (u probably work at American Apparel)
you've seen that Salem is in the new issue. John seems to be
reminiscent of a Gregg Araki vs Dennis cooper kinda like.......
vibe. This song is tagged as Jack's solo album, but it's definitely
more Salem than Young Cream and I guess it just cuts off like that,
I want it to keep going like white drugs.

Salem - Tent

I never think about Seattle, especially when I think of Florida. L.A.
Gear (I'm now thinking of the L.A. gear video that MJ did where he
dances so sick the street light explodes), catfish in trailers by the
creek, time travel, Ocean Pacific, Ferrari, alligator, fireworks,
pastel seashell.

Universal Studios Florida - Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed

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