Saturday, July 18, 2009

Michael Joaquin Grey's Perpetual ZOOZ@P.S.1

Right now at P.S.1 are two amazing exhibitions. Michael Joaquin
Grey's Perpetual ZOOZ is totally breathtaking. What at first
seems like a Basic Channel 4/4 kick distorting the speakers is
actually two heartbeats. One heartbeat is the artist's while the
other is his mother's and both modulate a projection of The Wizard
of Oz that is presented like a rotating coin acid meltdown. On one
side the The Wizard of Oz is played backwards and vice versa on the
other. It's more complicated to explain than it is to watch.
Totally amazing. This video only serves as an example and comes
nowhere close to doing the piece justice.

Also at P.S.1, Kenneth Anger's video work gets the atmsophere and
space it deserves and speaks for itself. Lucifer Rising is my
favorite of his films; like if Sun Ra met Aleister Crowley at the
foot of the Sphinx.

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